Complete LPG Solution

Energy Infrastructure(India) Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Energy Infrastructure Butano (Asia) B.V, Netherlands is a renowned supplier of LPG in north and north west India since 2002. EIIL offers cylinders under the brand name MAXGAS with LPG capacity of 4 Kg, 12 Kg, 17 Kg and 33 Kg to suit both domestic and industrial markets.

Commercial & Industrial

Pack Size

Maxgas provides 17 Kg and 33 kg LPG cylinders for this segment. While 17 kg cylinders have vapour offtake valves, 33 Kg cylinders are available in both Liquid offtake & Vapour offtake valve options.



These cylinders can be used individually or can be connected to a suitable manifold system. EIIL supllies and maintain its own manifolds at customer's premises to it's contarcted customers.


Supply and Installation Contracts

We undertake supply contracts with our customer wherein a host of services like maintenance; testing and technical assistance alongwith assured and uninterrupted supply of LPG is taken care by MAXGAS.



Liquid Offtake Cylinders

For higher consumptions, Maxgas offers Liquid Offtake cylinders and installations. LPG is withdrawn from cylinders in a liquid phase itself and gassified by using external vapouriser system. This enables customers to get higher flowrates.


Commercial cylinders for different applications

Maxgas can provide custom blends for typical applications like Cutting, Aerosol, polyoam e.t.c.;


MAXGAS currently serves LPG needs of customers in the region of North & North West India.
Haryana Delhi
Rajasthan Himachal
Uttar Pradesh Uttrakhand

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