Complete LPG Solution

Energy Infrastructure(India) Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Energy Infrastructure Butano (Asia) B.V, Netherlands is a renowned supplier of LPG in north and north west India since 2002. EIIL offers cylinders under the brand name MAXGAS with LPG capacity of 4 Kg, 12 Kg, 17 Kg and 33 Kg to suit both domestic and industrial markets.

Bulk LPG Supply And Installations



Maxgas bulk LPG is supplied through approved transport tankers having capacities ranging from 10 MT to 18 MT. Most of the tankers are fitted with GPRS trackers to have effective control over timely supplies.




State of art bottling cum blending plant is situated at Ismaila near Rohtak, which is equipped with modern equipment like Gas Chromatograph, Mettler Toledo Weighing Scale, CCTV Cameras, IR Compressors to ensures that perfect blends can be provided as per needs of its customers




Specific blends required for speacial applications like Aerosol, Polyfoam, Cutting and SR Grade applications can be provided as per needs of its customers.


Bulk LPG Installations

EIIL has several bulk LPG tanks and allied equipment installed at customer's premises to offer "Gas on Tap" to its contracted customers. These installations are owned & managed by EIIL through a team of qualified and dedicated technical team.

MAXGAS currently serves LPG needs of customers in the region of North & North West India.
Haryana Delhi
Rajasthan Himachal
Uttar Pradesh Uttrakhand

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