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Energy Infrastructure(India) Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of Energy Infrastructure Butano (Asia) B.V, Netherlands is a renowned supplier of LPG in north and north west India since 2002. EIIL offers cylinders under the brand name MAXGAS with LPG capacity of 4 Kg, 12 Kg, 17 Kg and 33 Kg to suit both domestic and industrial markets.


About us

EIIL is a 100% subsidary of Energy Infrastructure Butano (Asia) B.V, Netherlands. EIIL is in the process of creating a fully integrated LPG infrastructure,from deep sea unloading facilities and underwater pipelines,import terminals,pipelines for transferring from port to bottling plants coupled with extensive tap points on pipeline and distribution network covering most of West and North India.

This infrastructure enables EIIL to offer reliability of uninterrupted availability of product,wich in turn shall ensure an assured and efficient supply of LPG to all valued customers in all regions of its operations.The company in india hasbeen awarded ICRA rating No.2 by aleading government domestic customers.Such rating has not only created immense confidence amongst our customers,but also our business associates including channel partners.

EIIL follows best safety practices and ensures its implementation at end customers.It provides regular guidelines and training.Safety ranks very high on our agenda of operations.Relationship with Maxgas ensures that the customers concentrate on their core competency areas and as a LPG leader we shall provide complete service and uniterrupted and safe supply of LPG.

MAXGAS currently serves LPG needs of customers in the region of North & North West India.
Haryana Delhi
Rajasthan Himachal
Uttar Pradesh Uttrakhand

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